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For us, ecosustainability is a fundamental element of our work and therefore we use only reuse material for our wooden creations


Woodlamps Lacamola Style

Woodlamps Lacamola style handmade


From the meeting of our diversified experiences, this innovative line of lamps was born, the result of a careful choice and careful taking of position, which behind the beauty hides an extreme simplicity of means and a completely handmade production. Each of them is a unique object, a product that has been cared for down to the last detail, and their uniqueness also lies in the small defects, witnesses of the total craftsmanship.



In addition to uniqueness and craftsmanship, another key word is sustainability for us: this is why we use only autochthonous species such as spruce, walnut, larch and cherry, and exclusively reusable materials, with a view to environment and optimization of raw materials we can dispose of. Moreover, during the finishing phase, our material is not painted, but treated with natural and organic oils and with natural waxes that we produce on site.

Craft lamps La Camola design
Woodlamps handmade eco friendly La Camola

Eco friendly

The subjects are, of course, the protagonists of our mountains: landscapes, wild animals, such as the deer and owls that populate the woods, or the cows that graze the fields, come to life in their unmistakable, simplified forms. The shapes struck by the light shyly project their shadows on the walls, in a play of chiaroscuro that animate and enliven every environment. Always faithful to the creation of an eco-friendly product, we opted for the choice of LED luminaire, therefore with low environmental impact and low energy consumption. Each of our lamps is sold complete.



For hotels, shops and restaurants that want to make their rooms more unique with a touch of bright originality, we offer the possibility of creating custom lamps that we design and study together with the customer, in order to ensure full satisfaction. As for our private customers, it will be possible for them to buy directly from resellers in particular and specialized shops.

Lamps handmade La Camola style

woodlamps La Camola style

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Lampade in legno La Camola serie Moii
Moii series

Wood lamps and applique

Eco Frinedly

lampade in legno da arredamento La Camola
Fuiensc series

Wood lamps and applique


Lampade in legno da moontagna La Camola
Gebbo series

Wood lamps and applique

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